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Mindful creativity & yoga workshop


A carefully curated workshop featuring yoga and creative expression through drawing and writing. 


Join me for a meditative and imaginative workshop with warming and strengthening yoga and simple, creative tasks with pen and paper.

When practicing yoga, we connect the breath and the movement in a flowing meditation. In our yoga practice, we find inner peace that helps us lower our shoulders and become more present. Creative tasks can have the same effect on us humans - whether it's scribbling on a drawing pad or writing in a diary. It gives us an opportunity to turn our gaze inward. When we unlock our own creativity, we open up a process that can help us to deeper self-insight and reflection.


What people are saying

"A relaxed workshop where you both get the strengthening yoga, but also a feeling of playing a little without pressure or expectations and creating something, while at the same time feeling how you feel in the process." Anna Maria


"It was fun, and nice for both the body and the imagination! I enjoyed trying something new, being encouraged to be creative and jump into it even if I didn't know where I'll land.” Bettina


In this workshop we will use tools such as pen and paper, yoga and meditation. We encourage the body, heart and brain to stay open and curious to explore new perspectives.


The workshop will include:


Opening and introduction


Creative mindfulness tasks

Yoga Slow Flow

Mandala circle

Closing ceremony with restorative

I will provide all the materials we need, but if you have your own sketchpad, pencils or notebook that you want to use, feel free to bring it with you. 

Tea will be served during the workshop.

Feel free to bring your own yoga mat and water bottle. 

Where: Leela Yoga Gamlebyen
When: 23.10.22 19.00-21.00
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