Sara is a Norwegian yogi living in the heart of Oslo city with her dog.

She offers a vinyasa based yoga with creative sequencing 

that connects the breath and the postures in a joyful flow.

It is a moving meditation that encourage you to find balance and inner silence.

It is about building strength, not in order to be able to do advanced postures,

but simply to cope with our daily lives.

It is about taking care of the self first in order to be able to take care of others.

It is a way of discovering our path as we move through the practice. 


Sara strives to live yoga off the mat in a modern way.

To her the mindset of ”thinking globally, acting locally”

is becoming more and more crucial.

Living together on a planet that is in desperate need of our care,

we have to take care of both each other and the environment around us.

Yoga offers community and a safe space to come together. 


Sara is a certified yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga since 2005

in a wide range of different yoga styles such as

vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha, yin and restorative.

She has deepened her practice over the years through

teacher trainings, workshops, festivals and retreats

in different parts of the world as well as in Norway.


Check out some of her trainings below.


  • Vinyasa 300H RYT

    My Vinyasa Practice

  • Metaphysical Roadmaps:From Buddhism to Yoga and beyond

  • Yin Yoga 30H

    Chi Therapetuics

  • Mentorship

    Kelsi Ludvigsen (ongoing)

  • Restorative + Yoga Nidra 25H

    Atman Yoga School

  • Vinyasa 200H RYT

    Atman Yoga School

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